The Universe 2.0

Text by Asya Kravchenko, illustrated by Anya Leonova

Not your typical coming-of-age novel about a teenager who is waiting for the end of the world and writing a novel about it.

I was born too late. All the important events had happened before me. The Big Bang, a revolution, wars, another revolution. The end of the world seems like an opportunity to finally catch up. Maybe this is my chance?
Zheka is 14 years old and sometimes he thinks his existence is a mistake. Everything goes wrong with his school, his parents, his friends, and even his life. Zheka awaits the predicted end of the world. For him, it’s finally the opportunity to restart it all. He just needs to figure out how. On the eve of this end of the world, Zheka decides to start writing a testimony of the global cataclysm. But this cataclysm goes unnoticed by everyone. Yet,
Zheka finds and records evidence of this end of the world. Then he transforms his notes into a novel with himself as a main character. He is sure this novel will make him famous. He imagines himself giving interviews and answering the most important questions about the fate of the Universe. In reality, Zheka is going through a tough period. Only
his grandfather, who is considered a bit of a weirdo, understands him. But grandfather disappears, and Zheka refuses to believe it. For him, this is the real end of the world. The love of his grandfather, even absent, will help Zheka come out of his loneliness and build a new version of the world.

2020 Shortlisted for Krapivin International Children’s Literary Award

  • An unusual postmodern take on a coming-of-age novel.
  • Asya Kravchenko is one of the most popular award-winning teen writers in Russia.
  • This novel brilliantly articulates the raw feelings of a teenager: fears and wishes, recklessness and fragility.
  • Translation into French is available.

Middle Grade
Age: 12+
Pages: 192
Size: 145*200 mm
Published in 2017 by Samokat
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