Marta with Skulls

Text by Daria Vardenburg

Modern teenagers, who are they? Let’s spend one year with a 16-year-old Marta. Double standards of adults, bullying in school, parents’ divorce, love, first sex experience, family problems, search for her own values and future career, friends betrayal. Like a good adventure film, this book has a cool plot, vivid characters, pressing issues, and is written with a good sense of humor. During her last year at school, Marta changes her prestigious school to a very ordinary one. She meets new people and reevaluates old relationships. She is not afraid of mistakes, unpopular actions, and making other people uncomfortable. She goes against the tide and never gives up. She has many questions and she is looking for her own answers.

YA, Series
Age: 14+
Pages: 192
Size: 140*200 mm
Published in 2019 by Samokat
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