Nikita is Looking for the Sea

Text by Daria Vardenburg, illustrated by Olesya Gonserovskaya

What happens to the world of a little boy when all his dreams and plans are shattered? A soft and touching story of Nikita ― a city 7-year-old boy who dreamed of going to the sea with his parents. Now he has to spend his summer in the countryside with a grandaunt he doesn’t know. He discovers the village life and explores his own feelings, both positive and negative, he learns to be brave and strong, makes friends, and learns to respect their freedom. All this experience becomes possible thanks to his grandaunt who lives alone and is an independent and free spirited person. This unusual grandaunt talks to Nikita as though he is an adult. And who knows, maybe the sea is closer than Nikita thinks.

Middle Grade
Age: 7+
Pages: 240
Size: 140*200 mm
Published in 2018 by Samokat

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