When the Bear Is in Love

Text by Irina Zartayskaya, illustrated by Natasha Shaloshvili

Children are always curious about love. How to explain this feeling to them if people have been looking for the true definition of love for ages? This funny book could help.

The erstwhile terrible bear is not the same anymore. He has his head in the clouds, he is thinking only about her: how beautiful her eyes are, how cute her tail is. He mixes up right and left and forgets what he should eat. The bear is singing and dancing instead of roaring and hunting. Here is the power of love! But what if it can cause even more silly behavior?

  • Love is a rare subject in books for little children, but they do experience this feeling, they witness love between adults and they need to talk about it.
  • This amusing book will help you not to be shy about romantic feelings and behavior.
  • Romantic feelings are often the subject of teasing among children, this book shows the natural aspect of love which can bring even a powerful bear under control.
  • Charming and humorous illustrations depict a wide range of emotions.

Age: 3+
Pages: 24
Size: 201*251 mm
Published in 2021 by Polyandria Print
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