Hi, Granny!

Text by Irina Zartayskaya, illustrated by Ema Malyauka

A bright and sunny picture book about summer holidays at a granny’s countryside house filled with all the new feelings and small yet important discoveries.

Little Olya and her younger brother Pasha are visiting their granny in the countryside. “Daddy, please, don’t leave us…” Although their parents promise it’s only for a short time, the children still feel sad and lonely. Meanwhile Granny has cooked some delicious
cookies and the life in the countryside turns out to be very different from the one in the city. The trees are so huge here and you are allowed to walk barefoot on the grass. Granny reads aloud and signs songs in the evening. And it’s so funny to chase the sun beams
and to visit the cow in the morning. Every day brings new discoveries, and Granny knows so many exciting things! Oh no, Dad is here to pick them up: “Daddy, please, can we stay a bit longer, we don’t want to leave!”

  • Holidays are a great time for children but sometimes it also means parting with parents. This book will help to overcome separation fears and to look for positive sides in a new environment.
  • A lovely dedication to all grannies out there and to the sweet memories of summertime.
  • Atmospheric illustrations jam-packed with adorable details to enjoy.
  • Every spread is focused on a new surprise brought by the summer holidays.
  • Vivid descriptions of nature and children’s impressions.

Early reader book, Picturebook
Age: 3+
Pages: 40
Size: 215*290 mm
Published by Lemonade Books in 2022
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