Bears and the New Year

Text & Illustrations by Katerina Gorelik

Funny and colorful books about summer and winter adventures of three Polar Bear brothers. Enjoy the illustrations full ofhumorous and stylish details!

It’s New Year’s Eve and the family is gathering at the polar bears` house: a panda from China, a Himalayan bear from Tibet, and a tough Russian bear have arrived. Only here, at the North Pole, one can really enjoy winter fun in all its kaleidoscopic glory: a deer ride, a dip in the ice hole, even racing against an avalanche and a Yeti ― all the ingredients for a magical and unforgettable holiday!

Simplified Chinese

Picturebook, Series
Age: 3+
Pages: 48
Size: 230*280 mm
Published in 2018 by Samokat

Another title in this series is BEARS` VACATION
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