The Ahs and Ows Series: Ow!

Text & Illustrations by Polya Plavinskaya

Back on the market! A debut project by one of the best contemporary children’s books art directors in Russia – Polina Plavinskaya. Each title has its own original story which children follow while drawing, tearing, coloring, folding, and more.

Ow, a koala mother lost her baby in a zoo... Ow, has anyone seen the baby koala? Maybe zebras? Or a panda? Or birds? The koala mother needs help!

  • Five years after its creation, this quite challenging for the Russian market project is entering the big market of foreign rights sales.
  • This is a series of activity books telling stories.
  • Funny, relatable characters.
  • Simple, original tasks to keep children entertained, and train their memory and creativity.
  • The graduate project by the illustrator and Samokat’s art director Polina Plavinskaya, an alumna of one of the leading Russian institutes of higher education in art and design – the British Higher School of Art and Design.

Activity, Series
Age: 5+
Pages: 32
Size: 210*280 mm
Published in 2017 by Willie Winkie

Other titles in this series are AH! and WHEW!
Other titles by the same author are PIRATES: THE WHOLE TRUTH and POOR BEAR
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