The Racoon Up High

Text by Artem Golikov, illustrated by Elena Repetur

Five illustrated short stories about a naughty but charming little raccoon, his wise older sister and their loving (as well as bewildered) parents.

Meet a little racoon! He likes to be a loud and powerful turbine, rule the seas as a Water Sprite when taking a bath, pretend to be a secret agent while eating, climb up high to meet firefighters, and he doesn’t like to sleep alone in the dark. Fortunately, the little racoon has a calm and wise older sister. She knows how to deal with her baby brother and doesn’t let their parents get mad.

  • Both children and parents will see themselves in this book.
  • Artem Golikov turns everyday challenges into funny adventures with unexpected solutions.
  • Readers will enjoy following the restless little racoon, admire his sister, and sympathize with the confused parents.
  • Written and illustrated with a good sense of humor.
  • Elena Repetur is a finalist of the BCBF Illustrators Exhibition 2020 and 2024, and winner of the BCBF 2023 Landscapes and Portraits.

Early reader book
Age: 4+
Pages: 56
Size: 170*240 mm
Published in 2023 by Samokat

Another title by the same illustrator is HEH, THE CHEETAH WHO COULDN`T RUN.
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