The Ahs and Ows Series: Whew!

Text & Illustrations by Polya Plavinskaya

Back on the market! A debut project by one of the best contemporary children’s books art directors in Russia – Polina Plavinskaya. Each title has its own original story which children follow while drawing, tearing, coloring, folding, and more.

A bear woke up in the middle of winter, got out from his lair, and uttered, “Whew!”. Snow is everywhere, all animals are in a hurry... The bear says “whew” again and again! Why is it so cold? Where are all the leaves? And how much time is left until New Year’s Eve? The bear needs help!

  • Five years after its creation, this quite challenging for the Russian market project is entering the big market of foreign rights sales.
  • This is a series of activity books telling stories.
  • Funny, relatable characters.
  • Simple, original tasks to keep children entertained, and train their memory and creativity.
  • The graduate project by the illustrator and Samokat’s art director Polina Plavinskaya, an alumna of one of the leading Russian institutes of higher education in art and design – the British Higher School of Art and Design.

Activity, Series
Age: 5+
Pages: 32
Size: 210*280 mm
Published in 2017 by Willie Winkie

Other titles in this series are AH! and OW!
Other titles by the same author are PIRATES: THE WHOLE TRUTH and POOR BEAR
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