One Thousand Faces of Energy

Text by Roman Fishman, illustrated by Alina Ruban

Whatever we do, we spend energy – when playing computer games or going by car, even when thinking or lying on the sofa. What is this mysterious and multifaced energy which helps us to live on Earth?

It’s quite difficult to find a definition of energy, though we use it every day – batteries, electricity, petrol. Energy is not material, substance, liquid, or gas. Any activity requires energy and people are always concerned about where to take more. In the meantime, many other questions arise, too. What is electricity and how does it find its way to our houses? Can we live without wires? How to use lightning energy? Why do swings go? How could it be that slingshots didn’t exist 200 years ago? The science journalist Roman Fishman gives these answers and many more others. This book starts a new series called Science Ideas Around Us. Questions are the energy of science, aren’t they?

Roman Fishman is a science journalist and editor. He has a Ph.D. in biology and is a deputy editor and a regular contributor to the magazine Popular Mechanics.

Alina Ruban is a children's book illustrator from Moscow. Her illustrations have been published by Pink Giraffe Publishing and many other Moscow-based publishers. Her work for Thousand Faces of energy received the “Best Graphic Award” from the Russian Association of Graphic Designers.

  • Help children to explore the world around them and to realize the interrelations of different things and facts.
  • Encourage science interest which many children have.
  • Simple and vivid examples.
  • The sign of science quality is the support by one of the oldest world science museums, the Polytechnic Museum in Moscow.

Age: 6+
Pages: 64
Size: 210*227 mm
Published in 2021 by Pink Giraffe

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