What Makes Your Head Itch?

Text by Roman Fishman, Illustrated by Valeria Sidorova

Lice have been constant human companions for centuries. It’s almost inevitable that one day, you'll findthat lice have set up a home on your head. Yet, talking about lice seems to make everyone uncomfortable, thus, shrouding these critters in mystery. When the inevitable happens and one finds themselves scratching their head, everyone is caught by surprise!

What Makes Your Head Itch? is a book about lice. What is a louse? How and why do they find their way to our scalp, and how do they manage to make our heads their home? The reader will discover the history of humans’ relationship with lice from antiquity to today, how we can reduce the risk of infection, and, most importantly, what to do if we get lice and how to get rid of them!

Roman Fishman is a science journalist and editor. He is the author of two other books in the Pocket Scientist Series. He has a PhD in biology, is a deputy editor and a regular contributor to the magazine Popular Mechanics, and a contributing writer at N+1 and Around The World.

Valeria Sidorova is a children’s book illustrator. She was long-listed in the Bologna Children’s Book Fair Illustrator Competition in 2022. She works with leading children's publishers worldwide

Picture book
Age: 4+
Pages: 32
Size: 180*230 mm
Published in 2024 by Samokat

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