My Pet Iceberg

Text by Anna Anisimova, illustrated by Yulia Sidneva

A touching illustrated story for family reading which will make children and adults smile, laugh, and think about friendship, parting, solidarity, love, and belief in miracles.

Little Natasha lives with her mom on the bank of a huge Siberian river called the Lena and tells about her summer adventures. It all starts when the Lena, after flooding, leaves them a gift – a real iceberg. Natasha’s mom is not very happy as this huge iceberg has taken over her vegetable garden while Natasha is really excited. She has found a true pet and a new friend in it. In the meantime, days are getting hotter and hotter which means that the iceberg is getting smaller and smaller…

Anna Anisimova shows how beautiful and important a simple everyday life can be. How many strong feelings a child may experience during one summer? The story is based on Anna’s own childhood in Siberia but the location is not really important here. The main
thing is the fragile world of the main character – her relations with the iceberg, her mom, and her little friend Andrew.

  • Story of discovering and loss, friendship, and family love.
  • Great family reading to laugh and discuss together.
  • Unusual adventures of a little girl – based on the childhood memories of the author and her mother.
  • Beauty of the thoughts and events in a child’s life.
  • A unique creative duo formed by Anna Anisimova and Yulia Sidneva, award-winning and well-established creators.
  • Yulia is the finalist of the 2022 Bologna Children’s Book Fair Illustrators Exhibition.


Early reader book
Age: 5+
Pages: 64
Size: 198*228 mm
Published in 2022 by MIF publishing

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