Teo Is a Theatre Captain

Text by Nina Dashevskaya, illustrated by Yulia Sidneva

A tale of mice, men, courage, orchestras, and dreams of the sea. Teo is a teenage mouse, he lives with his mice family in an opera house. Teo knows the theatre inside and out – and takes the reader along to explore every corner of it. It can be dangerous for mice to run into people, but that doesn’t stop Teo from befriending Kostya, the orchestra’s drummer. Kostya is considered a bit of an oddball in his circle, but Teo is no ordinary mouse either: he loves music and dreams of going to the sea. Can a little mouse even aspire to such a big destiny? And what is he willing to do for it?

Arabic, Simplified Chinese

Early reader book, Chapter book
Age: 6+
Pages: 112
Size: 165*235 mm
Published in 2018 by Samokat
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