I’m Not Slow

Text by Nina Dashevskaya

Move, hurry up! This world is created for being fast. But what if speed is not always calculated in meters per second?

When was the last time you rode a kick scooter? Twelve-year-old Ignat, for example, can hardly manage without it. Everybody is so slow, he thinks. How impatient this boy is, adults say. But Ignat is not a scatterbrain at all, he has so many different things on his mind. It’s just that his most obsessive thought is to move as fast as possible. But what if he is missing the important things in this race? What if he is the one who’s left behind? Many different questions suddenly arise and Ignat is about to look for answers. He will slow down... to admire the city, listen to the music on the street, enjoy the time with his little brother, help a stranger, strike up a conversation with classmates he hardly knows at all, and realize that he actually has true friends.

2015 1st prize winner of the “Kniguru” – an annual Russian award for the best teen fiction
2017 Selected for “The WhiteRavens” catalogue

  • One of the best contemporary Russian authors writing for teenagers and young adults.
  • Complex inner world of teenagers masterfully shown with all their doubts, questions, heartiness, ups and downs.
  • Nina catches the moment when big children turn into little adults.
  • The book was adapted into a play in 2018.

Age: 12+
Size: 160
Pages: 140*200 mm
Published in 2016 by Samokat
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