Searching for the Sound

Text by Nina Dashevskaya

Pretending to be a loser is a simple and effective way to make everyone leave you alone. No questions, no expectations, no responsibility.

A fourteen-year-old Vanya is a non-achiever. It’s not because he is lazy or not smart, it’s his stance. Actually, he has his interests, likes, and dislikes. For instance, he always fails his own writing assignments on purpose but he successfully writes essays for his classmates, choosing a specific style for each student. And he likes being paid for it. But who cares? Vanya decided long ago to have a very ordinary job. A courier or a salesman will be just fine. There are few demands and few decisions to be made. But Vanya is too observant not to notice that his indifference does him no good: with his relationship with his parents, his first love, and his best friends, and when he faces injustice. And he faces it when he unexpectedly finds himself at a street protest in Moscow.

2021 Shortlisted for “Kniguru” –an annual Russian award for the best teen fiction

  • A story of a teen escapist
  • First love and music, school and parents, best friends, and street protests in Moscow.
  • This world is overloaded, where is your place in it then?
  • A new title by Nina Dashevskaya, one of the most popular award-winning YA authors in Russia
  • Nina’s books are always full of teen reflections, music, and city life, her characters are curious and open, uniting a nimble mind and an inquiring spirit.

Age: 12+
Pages: 144
Size: 140*200 mm
Published in 2021 by Samokat
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