Pi Day

Text by Nina Dashevskaya

What is strange and what is normal? Who gets to decide? What do we lose when we conform to stereotypes and reinforce prejudice?

Lyova Inozemtsev (which translates as Leo the Foreigner) loves logical things, such as music and mathematics. He wears red trousers and lives with his grandparents. Everybody at school thinks that he is weird. The only girl, who gets along with Lyova, sits next to the kid who teases him the worst. Nobody understands Lyova – or so it seems...This book includes two stories. The characters of the second one are described in such a way that intrigued readers will need some time to realize that it is still the first story, only continued from another point of view – the kid who teased Lyova.

Age: 12+
Pages:  200
Size: 140*200 mm
Published in 2018 by Samokat
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