How Does an Inedible Become Edible?

Text by Tatyana Alekseeva & Tim SorenkIo, illustrated by Nyusya Krasovitskaya

Humans are the only animal species that can prepare food creatively. Other animals consume all of their food raw.

What happens when a scientist and a cook meet in the kitchen? The kitchen magically transforms into a chemistry lab! Have you ever wondered why potatoes soften when boiled while eggs harden? Why does meat sizzle on a hot frying pan? What about raw food? Why do we eat some foods raw while always cooking others? This book will reveal the secrets of mysterious ingredients, amazing food transformations, and the wonders of processing food!

Tatyana Alekseeva is a journalist and a successful food blogger. Tim Skorenko is a novelist and a science journalist. He is the author of seven novels.

Nusya Krasovitskaya is an artist and illustrator. She graduated from the Theater and Art College and received a degree as an art critic from The V. I. Surikov Moscow State Academic Art Institute, with a degree in art. This is her fourth book.

Non-fiction, Series
Age: 4+
Pages: 32
Size: 185*235 mm
Published in 2023 by Pink Giraffe

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