How to Make a Pie from Numbers

Text by Natalia Krupenina, illustrated by Alina Aleynikova

Did you know that we can display data in the form of pies, clouds, beams, and even waterfalls?

Information is all around us; words, smells, and pictures tell us stories, but we need data to make sense of it all. No significant scientific discovery can be made without data. Your streaming service uses data to suggest your next movie. An astronomer needs data to discover new planets. During a pandemic, government officials need data to make critical decisions on how to fight the spread of the virus. How to Make a Pie from Numbers is a rare book that explains data: how to collect it, work with it, and decipher it. It shows the reader how to track information and make data work for you. At the end of the book, the author explains a bar chart and shows how to create one.

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Natalia Krupenina started working with data at Yandex, Russia’s alternative to Google. She has worked with data her entire professional career. She now lives in Riga, Latvia.

Alina ALeynikova is an illustrator and graphic designer from Moscow. She works for several publishing houses and teaches art and illustration at the Moscow Polytechnic University. She was awarded the “best illustration for a Non-fiction Book” prize in 2016 and 2017.

Non-fiction, Series
Age: 4+
Pages: 32
Size: 185*235 mm
Published in 2022 by Pink Giraffe

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