Where Is Your Fever Running?

Text by Fedor Katasonov, illustrated by Anna Zhurko

Did you know that the average human body temperature has fallen over the past 150 years?

Fedor Katasonov, a Moscow-based pediatrician, explains the workings of the human body and the nature of the human illness. What is a fever? Why do some diseases make us feel miserable while we barely notice others? How do we get better? Why are humans warm-blooded? What does our blood temperature tell us about evolution, medicine, and the animal world? Informative and educational, this book helps children understand the nature of illness and the workings of their bodies and helps them overcome their fear of doctors. The experiment at the end of the book allows the reader to understand the concept of thermoregulation.

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Fedor Katasonov writes the popular pediatric blog “Fediatria” and is the author of the 2018 book on childhood illness Fediatria. A Non-anxious Approach to a Child. He is a private practice pediatrician in Moscow.

Anna Zhurko is a graphic artist and illustrator, and a graduate of the Moscow State University of Print. She is a co-founder of the Moscow-based visual design studio Shuka. She has taught illustration and photography for more than ten years at the British Higher School of Art & Design.

Non-fiction, Series
Age: 4+
Pages: 48
Size: 185*235 mm
Published in 2020 by Pink Giraffe

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